FMCG - Fast Moving Consumer Goods

The FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods Sector), is a very competitive industry and faces constant volatility in the marketplace. With consumers getting more demanding, increased production of goods across countries and continents, and maintenance of an efficient distribution network, it is imperative that companies achieve a rapid, quality and uninterrupted supply chain cycle that copes with changing demands. All of this has to be done within a tight pricing model and fluctuating warehouse needs that ensure pricing is competitive and value for money.

Fast Track ensures that we address all these pain points to give the customer service that is unparalleld and yet affordable. Our cost effective and professional logistics solution take care of end-to- end logistics needs, helping you achieve more economies of scale to maximize profits. Our services come tailored to your specific needs in the FMCG industry.


  • Professional Service - Cargo handling and highly efficient packing and sorting operations ensure your cargo is managed well. Repacking services, storage and warehousing facilitates your quick response to changing market scenarios and trends, helping you reach deadlines.

  • Inventory - Constant check on inventory using advanced technology. This data is also synchronised real time with the recipient.

  • Inventory - Regardless of volumes, Fast Track addresses long term and short term storage challenges for a quick turnaround time to market changes.

  • Distribution - Inland cities and far flung areas are reached easily, and this includes distribution to varied establishments

  • Stock Returns - Return management process takes care of returns and their management.

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