Electronics and Technology

Electronics and Technology Logistics

Shipping of electronics is a very sensitive process. These delicate high value shipments require transport and packaging options that are reliable and which can be handled with care. Smartphones, e-readers, HDTV’s, and other gadgets that process data are constantly shipped throughout the world, and require a vast network of supply chains, specialized warehousing systems and smart handling of electronic logistics.

Fast Track logistics has an agile, responsive and innovative supply chain, that ensures new products hit the market in time, maintaining the same quality of production, have a reliable and seamless network of storage and ensuring the return/repair process is seamless and customer focused.

We offer

  • Warehousing and Distribution services for seamless, high volume fulfilment of requirements with freight management services
  • High speed product assembling and packaging solutions and distribution centres
  • Reverse logistics for return products
  • Real time tracking solutions to ensure products reach the destination in time and the supply chain is not interrupted
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