Automotive Logistics

The automotive industry is in a state of constant flux. Up until recent times, its focus was on in-time delivery and sequenced logistic processes with sub-contraction to local vendors. With rapid globalisation and demand for new and improved models increasing at a rapid rate, the need for integrated logistics solution in the automotive industry has also become important. With limited edition models of smaller vehicles being produced, there are global process standards being implemented that can streamline logistical processes, leveraging costs and adopting best practices across various automotive sub-segments.

Fast Track logistics, uses years of experience and expertise to device end-to- end automotive solutions for global logistics management within a collaborative environment. We ensure that we provide;

  • Flexible solutions that are adaptable and tailored towards individual company’s automotive needs
  • Global warehousing solutions that aid better movement of products, streamline management and reduce costs
  • Efficient air and ocean freight forwarding systems
  • Supply chain management, from supply base to final destination thereby increasing operational efficiency and ensuring overall transportation, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution runs smoothly and efficiently.
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