Air Freight Export

Air Freight Export

Air Freight Export involves the export of goods and shipping by air, which reduces overall time taken, ensures superior condition of goods, helps in better inventory control, time management and stocking. It also results in lowered shipping costs for certain goods and commodities.

Fast Track has a complete range of air freight shipping services offered across the globe, with our extensive network of service providers and agents. Our partners worldwide ensure we handle all kinds of shipping needs from the airport to final delivery point, including customs clearance. We also have extensive trucking and freight options, with constant monitoring and follow-ups.

Our suite of services include,

* Sea - Air and Air - Sea - Besides handling end to end of air freight shipment, we also take care of logistical needs between air and sea, and sea and air. We tailor logistical needs to fit in with requirements, manage pickup and exports, security, cargo handling and customs.

* Air Freight - As Air Freight forwarder, Fast Track provides import and export shipping services across various destinations of the world. We take personal interest in every kind of air freight shipments.

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