Fast Track is a shipping and freight forwarding company that has been in the business for more than a decade. Our niche specialization lies in personal effects shipments worldwide for public and private individuals, organisations and companies. We provide excellent logistical services cost-effectively.

Personal Effects -We ship accompanied personal effects across the globe. We offer a range of personalized luggage services to meet the needs of,

  • Private individuals
  • Tourists on holiday
  • International students
  • International backpackers

  • Whether books, equipments or high value goods like computers and indispensable items, we help you out by collecting, custom packing, and ensuring the xs baggage reaches the destination to which it is intended to.

    Customs Brokerage

    With humongous amount of good crossing international boundaries, Fast Track as a customs brokerage firm facilitates the shipment and goods delivery across geographical boundaries.We are aware of prevalent rules and regulations in individual countries, help streamline the shipping process as much as possible, manage customs, so that clients can avoid the stress of doing it themselves.

    Customs Clearance and Delivery -With more than a decade's experience in customer operations and logistics, Fast Track provides reliable and easy integration of Import & Export clearance, delivery and forwarding processes with technology. Strong compliance with customs regulatory framework is what we specialize in, reducing delays and maximizing cost-effectiveness and reliability.

    Land Transport GCC -Fast Track provides logistical services, shipping and transportation GCC countries. We are ready for any kind of challenges and react positively to our client's changing requirements proactively and with constant engagement. Our team works together to get your goods transported by whatever means of land transport is required.

    UAE to GCC Countries -Fast Track operates special transportation and logistical services from UAE to GCC countries for all kinds of products through air, sea and land. Our team of professionals handle all aspects of logistics including customs and brokerage to ensure safe and reliable delivery of products.

    General Warehousing -Cargo that is received or about to be sent, comes with an additional responsibility of storage in secure conditions. Fast Track has a range of secure warehouses which form our backbone in the smooth operations and transit of various products. Our sophisticated, state-of- the-art warehouses are well maintained, air-conditioned for certain types of products, well-lit, spacious, well demarcated with monitoring equipment,computerized inventory systems electronic weighing scale and also locker facility.

    Our high quality professional warehouse services running 24/7, have an integrated inventory management system allowing for complementing and re-distribution of products.

    Storage -Fast Track also offers storage facilities for goods. We have dedicated and shared storage houses that are spacious, secure, well demarcated and integrated with inventory management. Special storage facilities are also available for refrigerated, containerized and hazardous material.

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