Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

Healthcare products are extremely sensitive, fragile and need to be handled with care. When they are used to treat people and improve health, they need reliable and quality transport that gets them to places in the quickest time possible, without any damage during transit.

Fast Track has the experience and expertise to ensure the quality, safety and integrity of pharmaceutical products, covering sensitive biological products to high quality controlled substances and even quick moving generic medication.

Our system ensures that your medicine goes where it is intended to go, without any compromise on integrity, and ensuring strict compliance from pick-up to drop.

End to end solutions

Fast Track’s global network of flexible logistics solutions, have a presence in both existing markets as well as new ones. Be it freight or package, ground, air and ocean, your pharmaceutical and logistical needs will be addressed expediently. We take care of shipping perishable and sensitive pharmaceutical products in specially designed temperature controlled environments, with special packaging in refrigerated and cryogenic shipping containers, constantly monitored under specified temperatures throughout the journey.

Skilled experts if required accompany the products throughout their journey or keep track of shipment if delay occurs.

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